ition, like $100 average bets for four hours a day. Junkets are available only to higher rollers. Certain comps (like a buffet) are also available to players who bet as little as $5.

There is another way to get some free casino services, which is a combination of the junket and comps. This is called a turnaround and is a day trip to the casino by bus or train. Like the junket you need to pay in advance, but it is only $200 or so, and you will usually receive the same sum of non-negotiable playable chips in return. Additionally, the casino will offer you two free buffets. You’ll be transported to your favorite casino early in the morning and late at night you’ll be back to your starting point. Turnarounds are very popular with Indian casinos and resorts that provide food to locals.

If you’re interested in these types of trips, just call your favorite casino and ask them for information. Choose a junket, a comp or a turnaround trips related to your gambling budget.